[TUYA] ZigBee 3 in 1 Smart alarm siren detector

High Compatibility, Full Protection of Hom

Still Working When Power Off

Smart Sound and Flash Siren

Super High Siren + Explosion Flashing Strobe

Product Description:
1. Based on the TUYA smart home platform, work with most of the TUYA smart,
Compatible with Alexa,Google Assistant,tmall genis,etc.
2. based smart products.
3. on-site high-decibel alarm ,flashing lights and other alarm modes.
4. Home arm, Away arm, Disarm.
5. Low-battery detection.
6. system power off detection.
7. tamper detection
1.Working Voltage: AC110-240V
2.Backup Battery: 3.8V/700mA
3.Alarm Sound Level: 95db(1m away)
4.Wireless Network Scope: <80m(open indoors) 5.Working Temperature: -10C-50C 6.Working Humidity: <95% RH (Indicating no condensation) 7.Network Mode: Zigbee HA1.2 (2.4Ghz) 8.Dimension: Ф 80mm* 32mm