Stay at home with IOT smart devices

People around the world are having to STAY AT HOME. While it’s not an easy situation, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. There are many ways to make staying at home fun and safe, even if you don’t live in a mansion or bungalow. IoT smart devices help the situation greatly; from smart TV to smart lighting to smart cameras to voice-activated, AI-powered virtual smart home assistants like google home, the plethora of intelligent devices designed to make home living more convenient are coming in especially handy in the days of COVID-19 and shelter-in- place. Let’s take a look at the top smart home gadgets to help get you through these challenging stay-at-home days.

Smart TV

Let’s face it, in this MCO period all the time means more TV watching. It’s a perfect scenario for catching up on your favorite channel or movies. If you’re the type of person who only gets to watch movies on planes, now is your chance go back to watching movies in your comfort sofa. 

Smart TV known as a connected TV, is essentially a traditional television set with Internet and Web features that allow you to stream video & music internet browser, and play video game. The benefit of a smart TV is you can access a variety of channels without having to subscribe to a cable or satellite service. To be frank, IoT security is a major issue now day and smart TV do come with their share of security concerns, so make sure your app and IoT ecosystem provider are coming from a company that takes security seriously, has compliance with all major regulations, and uses the most advanced IoT security protocols

Smart Lighting

It’s affordable, easy set up & control. In long term it will save you cost of electricity. Smart lighting in market is a lot of choices, but not all of them able to offer the full range of smart function. reTOUCH BLE smart lighting comes with apps voice control, scene settings, timers, music synchronize,16 million colors controls & sunrise/sunset automation. Also—it’s fully compatible with all major smart home virtual assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, tmall genie & apple siri)

AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

Whether it’s Google Home, Alexa, or Tmall genie, AI-powered virtual assistants are becoming commonplace smart home gadgets. They’re small, fun, obedient, relatively affordable and they can make our life more convenient. Virtual assistants can perform any number of tasks, including playing music, providing information, alarm, news, play jokes, news and control your smart home devices. They’re basically your smart hub, allowing you to integrate controls into one device and app and do your shelter-in-place with the extra convenience of voice activation and voice control.

Smart Cameras & Alarm Kit

Home security has become even more important in the days of COVID-19. If you’re spending this much time at home, you want to be certain you can be there safely, day and night. Smart cameras provide that extra level of safety and assurance, allowing you to see everything going around front door & back yard from your phone. If you’ve ordered food or a grocery store delivery w/o any distance contact, when the doorbell rings you can use your smart camera to see who it is and make sure they have left the groceries or food delivery outside the door. 

You can also use special smart features like TUYA smart camera facial recognition technology to confirm the identity of visitors to make sure they are someone you would want to let in. COVID-19 has brought a challenging situation to all of us, but also an opportunity. Use this stay-at-home time to take full advantage of all the new smart home gadgets out there so that your shelter-in-place is fun, easy, and safe.


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