reTouch Workshop EP 1 : Do You Have Enough Power Socket in Your Home?

Do You Have Enough Power Socket in Your Home?
Welcome to reTOUCH Workshop EP1. A Workshop that offers information on new technologies, and providing features that focus on the tangible benefits offered to the owner, for example what can be achieved in terms of added comfort and security to your home.

Floor Plan

When we renovate (or new house) our home, there are many things to consider – the furnishings, the color of the walls, storage space, – but many people neglect a fundamental element: the home electrical installation.
Ever thought the number of power sockets that should be installed during the construction of your new home or your next renovation?
We can’t do without them. Now a days, our homes have so many devices requiring a power socket that we need to make a conscious determination of the number and location of these sockets if we are to take full advantage of our home.


reTOUCH Smart Light- LED Strip

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