reTouch Workshop EP3: Which Switches?


Recently we received many requests about:
1. Aircon between 1-2hp. Can use normal power plugs?
2. Electric Oven. Similar to hobs, what switch should I use?
3. Fridge, normal wall plugs? Kettle, require 13A plug?
4. 20A or 45A?

Aircon between 1-2hp. Can use normal power plugs?

Technically yes. But safety NO because aircon using a higher of current rating, if long term using such as 8 hrs a day that will burn that normal socket slowly. A 2HP aircon already consume 13.8 Amp.

2/3. Generally, for the normal residential house, all use 13A will do except the following,
1) hood/oven
2) water heater
3) air cond
4.For Aircorn below 2.5HP can use 20A. 2.5HP and 2.5HP above should use a 45A switch.
Why 2.5hp ( 17.3A only) need to use 45A? For safety reason is better over-spec the Amp than assume is not using a max load.


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